Tire and Wheel Repair Guides and Advice

Tire and wheel care is essential for your safety.Tires and wheels. Pretty simple, right? You do the “Quarter Test” (NOT the penny test!) to check the tread, check the pressure now and then, and that's it . . . until it isn't. 

We all know that feeling of dread when you’re driving unsuspectingly along in your car and, all of a sudden, you feel like you’re in a blender. Steering wheel vibrations, floorboard or seat vibrations, and/or scalloped or cupped wear patterns on your car’s or truck’s tires are all signs that your vehicle’s tires/wheels may need balancing (or replacing).

Knowing how to properly inflate your tires and read tire wear patterns are just two important steps to take toward preventing out-of-balance tires, which can also lead to suspension wear if left unattended.

Helpful Tire & Wheel Tips  

How to Properly Inflate Your Vehicle’s Tires

How to Read Tire Wear

How to Tell How Much Life is Left on Your Tires

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